Next In Room Auction and Buyer Education Evening

October 5th, 2019

Gardian will be holding our next In-Room Auctions on Monday the 27th of May in the Gardian Corporate Office from 6pm. The Auction will be followed immediately by a Buyer Education Evening. Both the auction and the education session will be led by our agency auctioneer, Gordon MacDonald, who is excited about hosting the night.

For those who don’t know Gordon, he is a leader in his field and founder of the Auction Group. Gordon is a proficient negotiator with a reputation for patiently but tenaciously putting together seemingly impossible deals. As a trusted and independent third party, Gordon’s honesty and straightforwardness help to instantly build rapport with all parties.

We are hoping that some of our long-time clients and potential new ones will attend the night to see firsthand Gordon in action and also to learn how to buy at an auction.