Open Home

November 6th, 2020

Gardian agents are thoroughly enjoying the return of open homes in Mackay. We are getting good numbers and buyers are jumping at the opportunity to get out and see what’s available. More than 70 people attended opens last weekend with 14 at one particular West Mackay property resulting in this home going under contract.

Open homes are a terrific tool for selling real estate and they are very effective for both buyers and sellers.

Buyers get to identify time-slots for open homes on properties they are interested in and can plan their day, going to a series of open homes, without having to organise inspections with the agents. If buyers want to inspect the property in more detail we are always willing to arrange private inspections to follow up from the open home.

Open homes are also very effective for sellers because they plan for the open house, knowing they need to get their property ready for that specific time on a Saturday or Sunday. Open homes generally only last for half an hour it is done and dusted pretty quickly and the seller can get back to their weekend. The open house also allows them to get feedback from a group of buyers in one hit.

As you can see, open homes are great way to buy and sell properties. We look forward to seeing you this weekend at our opens.