August 6th, 2020

At Gardian we regularly receive feedback from vendors and potential buyers who are impressed by the consistency and clarity of information our Sales Agents provide about properties they are selling or perhaps the Mackay property market in general.

Whilst this is pleasing to hear it is certainly not surprising given the time and effort our Agents spend in their preparations.

Gardian Sales Agents operate as a team, and like all good teams they use a ‘Playbook’ as an essential tool in laying out their game plan for your success.

The Gardian ‘Playbook’ sets out a blueprint from which all our Agents prepare themselves, train and perform in the field to achieve the best results for all parties involved in the sales process.

When you deal with a Gardian Sales Agent you can be certain that he or she is a trained professional who abides by the Gardian standard of “with you at every step.”