Pricing a Home Correctly

February 5th, 2019

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland wrote an article in last week’s Daily Mercury Real Estate lift-out outlining common mistakes sellers make when selling their property. According to the REIQ, not pricing your home correctly is a significant one. If you price it too low, you lose money. If you price it too high, it sits on the market and becomes stale and people who are looking to buy then assume something is wrong with it and don’t seriously consider it.
Their advice is, as a seller, to talk to your agent about comparable recent sales in your area, get some information about what the market is doing right now, and give your home an objective, honest look and be realistic about your price.

And if you’re buying, you should be having a similar chat to your agent about what has sold and what is happening in our local market.
Please talk to your Gardian agent about the price of properties today.