Suburb Specialists - Farming Areas

April 15th, 2020

At Gardian our agents have business development areas, that is, suburbs in which they specialise in. The agents farm this area. They farm the area by marketing in the suburb, giving locals market updates, giving potential buyers looking in that suburb information and overall knowing what it is happening in their area.

Now more than ever with what has transpired in the world it is important to work with an agent that knows the suburb you are looking at buying or selling in thoroughly. Our Gardian agents, including our buyers consultants, provide the service of working with buyers that we consider HOT buyers and VIP buyers. One of the big advantages to this is not only being able to match buyers up with the right properties, but also knowing potential properties that may not be advertised or marketed – properties known as “off market” listings. For those thinking of selling you need to be on one of the Gardian off market property lists.

Our agents have the background suburb knowledge on what has sold and what is coming up onto the market, but just as importantly have properties in their business development areas that you may not even know are able to be matched up and purchased. So please talk to your Gardian suburb specialist and get them to find you the right property in your desired suburb today. Or if you’re about to sell, see if Gardian has some buyers for your property.