You're Part of a Winning Team

February 12th, 2020

Last week one of the agents sold one of our other Gardian agent’s properties in the first week of the listing. This is a fine example of how we work as one team – a winning team. Below are some of our routines that we follow religiously in order to achieve outstanding results.

1. Weekly Sales Meeting – always on a Tuesday where we update the rest of the group on sales progress to see if we hit our targets. There is also an opportunity to discuss hot buyers and try to match them up to potential properties that are listed by other team members. We also work on priorities at this time, mostly to do with fine tuning our sales process.

2. Morning Huddle – Each team meets before the start of each day to go over activities, targets and issues. The purpose of the huddle is to help each other achieve our goals. We have a morning huddle with Mortgage Choice each Wednesday to help their pre-approved buyers find the right property.

3. Weekly Staff Meeting – where the whole Real Estate staff i.e. administration, property management and sales are updated and work together on the business.

4. Monthly Business Meeting - where the whole Gardian Group staff i.e. Real Estate, Finance, Financial Planning and Insurance are updated on the business.

5. Wednesday Caravans - caravans or stock runs are held at the beginning of a potential listing so that our other agents can then go back to their database and match up suitable properties to their customers’ wants and needs.

6. Thursday Sales Training – a focus session on our sales process where the team has a coaching session, perform role-play activities and finish with a call session with the purpose of helping our team members achieve excellent sales results.

These are all illustrations of our team mentality at our office where the groups’ needs far outweighs that of the individual. And in turn these ‘non-negotiables’ are the groundings of our Gardian ‘Winning Team’ culture. We’re glad that you’re a part of our team.